The Ultimate 3Shape Training Workshop

Advanced Concepts of 3shape Dental Design

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The advanced course designed to take your 3Shape skills to the next level.

Following the success of our fundamentals course, we have developed an entirely new curriculum specifically for users that are already familiar with 3Shape. This course was developed to test the skills of participants, and to teach advanced concepts that will both open new streams of revenues for designers, but set their abilities apart from the average user. We use the same content in this course to train our staff into the expert designers they are.

Step-by-step, attendees will design cases alongside the instructor, each student will have 2 screens, one with their 3Shape application, and one with the instructor’s screen mirrored. This learning technique we call ‘Mirrored Learning’ gives each attendee an intimate view of the instructor’s screen and we believe enhances the learning process. Each case we design will be met with its own unique obstacles, characteristics, and requirements.

Hybrid Design

Bar Design


Surgical Guides


And More

Learn From The Professionals

The Ultimate 3Shape Fundamentals Course

Limited Seating

We limit seating to 4 students per course, this creates a more tutor-like experience than a large course would.

Mirrored Learning

Our unique teaching strategy. Each attendee has 2 monitors, one with of a mirror image of the instructors 3Shape.

Fully Hands On

Each student will be provided their own 3Shape workstation and be able to design each case along with the instructor.

Educational Milestones

Following our course, attendees can expect to achieve the following learning milestones.


Understand how to navigate 3Shape software and utilize it’s settings and features with confidence.


Apply the design concepts learned from this course in future cases utilizing the 3Shape dental system.


Understand the strategies needed for approaching unique cases within 3Shape and plan an approach.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses in designing with 3Shape, and form a path to overcome your weaknesses.


Develop the thought processes and reflective learning skills needed to become a successful 3Shape designer.


Spend less time in front of the screen, our course will teach you how to handle cases fast and effectively.

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Limited to 4 seats per course