Learn How To Design In 3shape

Fundamentals of 3shape Dental Design

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If you wish to fully harness the power of digital, you must fully harness the power of 3shape.

The adoption rate of digital dentistry is accelerating. By utilizing the powerful digital tools within the 3shape dental system, it is now possible to design complex cases at the comfort of a digital workstation. Understanding how to use these digital tools is imperative for dental specialists aiming to stay on the cutting edge. This course focuses on giving students hands-on experience with 3shape.

Step-by-step, we will begin to understand of the fundamental tools within 3shape dental system. Attendees will follow along and design a wide variety of example cases, each with it’s own unique obstacles, characteristics, and requirements. Through practice, students will develop an understanding of how each design tool within 3shape functions, and when/how to use each effectively.

Learn From The Professionals

The Ultimate 3Shape Fundamentals Course

2 Days

We will cover the fundamental design concepts on day 1, and cover intermediate design concepts on day 2.

8 Hours Each Day

Each lesson will pair with example cases we will design as a group, a lunch break is also factored into the course duration.

Fully Hands On

Each student will be provided their own 3Shape workstation and be able to design each case along with the instructor.

Learning Goals

Following our course, attendees can expect to achieve the following learning goals.


Understand how to navigate 3Shape software and utilize it’s settings and features with confidence.


Apply the design concepts learned from this course in future cases utilizing the 3Shape dental system.


Understand the strategies needed for approaching unique cases within 3Shape and plan an approach.


Identify your strengths and weaknesses in designing with 3Shape, and form a path to overcome your weaknesses.


Develop the thought processes and reflective learning skills needed to become a successful 3Shape designer.


Spend less time in front of the screen, our course will teach you how to handle cases fast and effectively.

Day 1

Getting Started With 3shape

The first day of this course will cover the basics of 3Shape. Creating, importing/exporting cases, selecting materials, and more are expected within the Dental Manager. Example cases will then be provided to each student and will designed together as a class. See below for the design concepts that will be covered on day 1.

Day 1 Lessons

Dental Manager

Posterior Design

Anterior Design

Inlay / Onlay Design

Frame Design

Veneer Design

Day 2

Intermediate Concepts of 3Shape Design

The second day of this course will cover intermediate design concepts within 3Shape. Example cases will then be provided to each student and will designed together as a class. See below for the design concepts that will be covered on day 2.

Day 2 Lessons

Abutment Design

Split File Design

Facial Cutback Design

Temporary Design

Virtual Temporary Design

Screw Retained Crown Design