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A design service built on expertise

Take patient satisfaction and design aesthetic to an entirely new level. Our design service makes it easy to send your scans and receive high quality, quality controlled designs when you need them.


Send your scans

We accept STL scans from any platform, simply log in to CaseManager and create a case to begin uploading your files.


State your preferences

Let us know your design preferences down to the smallest detail. As you send cases, we will gain insight on how you like your cases designed.


Recieve your designs

You will receive your completed design within the turnaround schedule you choose. Every design has a 3-day satisfaction guarantee.

Design service features

Easy File Transfers

We make it easy for you to upload scans, track cases, download completed designs, and more, with CaseManager.

Fast Turnaround

We understand time is of the essence. All of our designs have the option of 24 hour, 12 hour, or 2 hour turnaround. We also offer the first design service for same-day dentistry.

Custom design preferences

Customize and set design preferences during the case entry process, our designers will follow your instructions to create a restoration that fits your exact specifications.

Easy-reach Support

We combine live chat, online meetings, and remote support to offer the most helpful support possible to our clients. Getting help from an expert designer has never been this fast and easy!

Quality Control

Our designs are quality controlled following the standards we developed for DesignLab Academy. We use this internal language to provide consistent, high-quality designs to each of our clients across the world.

Expert designers

Following a regimented interview and training process, our designers meet the highest standards when it comes to dental design literacy.

Reduce frustration, increase productivity

Designing is difficult enough, and hiring expert talent to handle your most demanding cases is simply out of the question for some professionals. With DesignLab, the search for expert talent is over. In fact, dental professionals across the world use DesignLab specifically to design full arch hybrids, BDT bars, and other demanding design types.

“Working with DesignLab is an absolute pleasure. They are truly the best designers in the world and are helpful throughout the entire design process. This is the future of dental design!”

Dr. Robert Berg, DMD

Frequently asked questions

What can I have designed?

Pretty much anything! We design full arch hybrids, BDT bars, abutments, crowns & bridge, splints, and much more.

How long does it take?

We have 3 turnaround options, 24 hours, 12 hours, or 2-hour rush. Need a design even faster? We are the first design center to offer design booking for same-day dentistry! Check out DesignLab NOW

How much does it cost?

Our design service offers competitive pricing for industry professionals looking for high-quality designs. Located in New York, our design team is composed of expert-level dental designers with abilities that exceed the competition. Pricing for our design service is factored per unit. Take a look at our pricing

How do I send a case to be designed?

Among other user-friendly features, DesignLab CaseManager allows you to easily upload scans, track cases, and download completed designs. To send your scans, there are a few options- If you are a 3Shape user, we can link directly to your scanner via 3Shape Communicate, or you may export your case from 3Shape manually and attach the file to your new case within CaseManager. For all other dental systems, simply export your scan data as an .STL and attach it to your case in CaseManager, that’s it! Click here to create your CaseManager account

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