Same-day Dentistry Has Been Reimagined

DesignLab NOW™ is the first service to give same-day doctors the ability to use a design service for their in-house restorations.

An Industry Breakthrough

The First Design Service For Same-Day

DesignLab NOW™ brings all of the benefits of an expert design service into the world of same-day dentistry. With NOW, doctors can book an expert designer to log in to their system and design for them right after scanning.

Use your dental system or any computer to book DesignLab NOW sessions online.
Prepare and scan your patient as normal during your appointment.
A DesignLab technician will remotely design your cases on your dental system, with your patient in-chair.
Directly after your DesignLab NOW session, mill and finish your patient’s restoration to complete your seamless same-day workflow.


Book a session

Choose a design type, fill in a few details, and that’s it! booking multiple designs to fit your office schedule is a quick and easy process.


Scan your patient

Business as usual, you will receive a visual notification on your dental system as your NOW session approaches.


DesignLab Expert steps in

Chat, ask questions, or go help another patient! In just a few minutes your design will be ready for fabrication.

Our Company Values

A zero-compromise design solution for same-day

Traditional design services render same-day dentistry impossible due to their turnaround time. DesignLab NOW solves this problem by connecting a technician to your system right after scanning your patient. NOW is the only design solution that leaves your same-day workflow uninterrupted, supercharged to produced more aesthetic restorations, and saving your staff valuable time.

The Common Misconception

"Where do I upload the case?" You don't!

DesignLab NOW works by forming a high-speed connection and designing directly on your system using your software. This means all sensitive case information stays on your system at all times, no exporting, no importing, and no extra effort dealing with online portals.

I could never find a design service fast enough to deliver same-day restorations. Now, my CEREC is being used more than ever- while I help other patients!

Dr. Jeffrey Zaffos, DDS

Features out of the box

Eliminate case transfers

No exporting, no importing. DesignLab NOW™ places a designer on your system to design right after you scan.

User-friendly booking

Easily create/manage your design bookings, automatically add bookings to your calendar, and more.

Customizable design preferences

Modify and save unique design preferences during the booking process, our designer’s design with your needs in mind.

Instant live chat

Collaborate with your designer throughout the entire design process, share emergency case notes, and more.

Enhanced security

For data security, all remote sessions are secured by an end-to-end AES-256 block encrypted connection.

Expert designers

Based in New York, the same designers that design full-arch hybrids every day are by your side with DesignLab NOW™.

The road towards revolutionizing same-day dentistry

With DesignLab NOW, we are expanding the benefits of same-day dentistry to an entirely new level. Just because you want to handle your workflow in-house doesn’t mean you should be forced to sacrifice extra time, money, and frustration. In a perfect world, doctors should be able to access all the benefits digital dentistry has to offer from the comfort of their own practice, that includes design services.

DesignLab NOW allows doctors to step away from their system right after scanning their patient. A DesignLab technician will log into your system and design the case to your exact specifications. With our fast and easy booking process, you can reserve a designer for each of your patients on the fly. We hope you join us on this exciting journey and can’t wait to show you the other things we have been working on.

-The DesignLab Team

The first design is on us

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